Umair Ahmad

Umair Ahmad is the founder & CEO of Youth Group Limited, Wikipedia expert editor, and social media advertising expert (Facebook Ads Expert, Instagram Advertising Specialist & Google Certified).

Umair Ahmad

Wikipedia Services

Umair Ahmad provides professional services related to Wikipedia and paid marketing. Some most common Wikipedia-related services are: new Wikipedia page, re-publishing deleted Wikipedia pages, Wikipedia page content writing, Wikipedia news references, Wikipedia backlinks, Wikipedia page translation, Wikipedia page monitoring, Wikipedia page editing & updating services.

Are you looking for Wikipedia Page Creator, Wikipedia Page Creation Agency, or Wikipedia Editors? Are you looking for a professional Wikipedia expert editor for your Academics🎓, Astronomical Objects⭐, Books📚, Events🗓️, Films🎬, Geographic Features📍, Music🎵, Numbers🔢, Organizations and Companies🏛️, People biography🧑‍🤝‍🧑, Sports🏅 and Website🌐 Wikipedia pages? Good News is that you are in the right place. I will help you to get published your above-mentioned Wikipedia pages according to Wikipedia policies and Guidelines🎯.

I am a professional and expert Wikipedia contributor, Wikipedia article writer, existing Wikipedia pages editor, new Wikipedia page submission specialist, authorized editor, and writer on Wikipedia, and know Wikipedia policies, guidelines for notability, writing, citations, and know-how everything works on Wikipedia.

My key strength ❤️ is content creation and technical content writing on Wikipedia with a specialization in Wikipedia project management. Being Wikipedia Page Creator, Wikipedia Page Creation Agency, or Wikipedia Editors I know about writing content on Wikipedia according to policies and guidelines of Wikipedia. In four short steps, your Wikipedia page will be live:

👉 Step 1: Analyzing Wikipedia Topic (To check topic notability and acceptance possibilities by the Wikipedia Reviewers)
👉 Step 2: Finding and Collecting Reliable Citation Resources
👉 Step 3: Writing Content and Creating Drafting (Final look of Wikipedia Page)
👉 Step 4: Publishing, Submitting, and Approval of Wikipedia page.

❤️❤️ Some statics of my work till 2020 ❤️❤️

✅ Helped 50,000 people by providing Wikipedia-related services
✅ I’ve published 7000 Wikipedia pages.
✅ Helped 5000 by updating their Wikipedia pages.
✅ Fix 2000 images and logos issues on Wikipedia
✅ Helped 2000 people by republishing their deleted Wikipedia pages.
✅ Remove tags from 10,000 Wikipedia pages
✅ Help 5000 people to get backlinks from Wikipedia and boost their domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA)
✅ Provide Wikipedia content writing services to 2000 people
✅ Worked with world-leading agencies as a Wikipedia Specialist
✅ much more about Wikipedia

👉 Feel free to ask me a question from me…..!!!

I am working since 2014 as a Wikipedia consultant, Wikipedia Expert Editor, and Wikipedia Page Creator. You can expect quality, perfect vocabulary, and no grammar mistakes along with all 7c’s of quality work from me with excellent communication and meeting deadlines.

Social Media Marketing Services

He also provides some paid marketing services and some common services are Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, LinkedIn ads, Etsy ads, Snap Chat ads, eBay ads, Google PPC advertising, Amazon PPC ads, Google knowledge panel, and other services related to search engine optimization (SEO).

Umair Ahmad is a professional marketing guru. He is working since 2014 as a professional marketing consultant for multinational companies throughout the world. During his journey, his agency become Facebook Marketing Partner and Google Certified Publishing Partner. His consultation from organic marketing to paid marketing has Hauge success stories. He helps companies to get up to 10 ROI.

✅ Full Stack Media Buyer ( Certified Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Snapchat and Pinterest ads Guru )
✅ Reduced CPA by 60% while managing $300k per month for a single client with just Facebook ads.
✅ Managed Daily eCommerce campaigns with Ad spend of $3k+ per day with 10 ROAS.
✅ Achieved 100k App downloads for a client with $0.04 CPI.
✅ Turned $5.8k into $54k for in just 2 days (that too in COVID-19 Lockdown)
✅ Helped over 100+ start-ups break the metrics that they constantly measure.

I’m the person that other agencies and contractors rely on to create and execute their client’s accounts.

Don’t rely on me, Read what my clients publicly say about me.

” If you are looking for someone to help you get genuine users and generate revenue, look no further. Umair Ahmad is brilliant, dedicated, and knows what he is doing. Thank you so much “

” Incredibly guy. He’s very helpful and enthusiastic. He knows what he’s doing and he will do it for you without any headache. One of the best freelancers I have worked with so far. “

” We were looking for someone experienced to check our ads and guide us properly, to tell us where we’re making mistakes, to achieve our goals. Just in 6 days, we’re experiencing more sales, and order cost is lowering. Excellent work with Spectacular communication skills. He was bold enough to point out every single mistake of ours and how to Correct it. now he will continuously work with us on this project and another one too! Thanks and See you on call Buddy! “

“Umair Ahmad has been excellent to work with, great communication, great response time, transparent, and did exceptional work. Will be working with him again on future projects. Thank you very much.”

Working with me is a two-way street. Your growth is my growth and your Loss is my loss!

People have started to think digital marketing is old age, but the truth is this set of people are living under a rock and know nothing about smart work.

You see, rookies use tactics. Pros use procedures + tactics.

It’s easy to waste money by clicking some buttons built by Industry Leaders, and that’s what most people do! By showing their failing product to the wrong market, they may as well wish they could buy success at the local Walmart.

But, that’s not how it works. For consistent & proper growth, processes are everything. I achieve results by using my secret methods developed after spending millions.

Step 1: 4-Step Business Analysis
Step 2: High-End Marketing Strategy
Step 3: Campaigns and Content
Step 4: Optimize and Scale

Looking forward to lifting you and your company!

My services:
✔ Google search/display/shopping/YouTube
✔ Facebook ads
✔ Lead generation
✔ Scaling
✔ A/B testing
✔ CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
✔ Retargeting / Remarketing
✔ Digital Marketing Strategy
✔ Analytics
✔ Snapchat Ads
✔ Inbound Marketing
✔ Social Media
✔ Online Reputation Management
✔ Email Marketing
✔ Retargeting
✔ E-commerce Service

Updated with the latest digital marketing strategies and methods.

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